Two Pilots Moonshine Whiskey is handcrafted using a traditional old-fashioned copper pot still in the distillery. Our mash is created using an "old school" recipe that includes the purest sweet water from our small-town aquifer and the finest local ingredients available.

If the vintage pin-up girls decorating the wax-dipped bottles do not win you over, we assure you the flavors certainly will. Our small-batch whiskey mash is created using a traditional southern recipe that includes the purest sweet water from the small-town aquifer. An exceptionally palatable moonshine whiskey that sips effortlessly and delivers a soft, warm finish that can only be achieved using the finest local ingredients available. You can expect a subtle sweetness accented with a charred oak finish from the rye whiskey. So grab a box of quality cigars, your group of new and old friends, and have a toast to good times with your Two Pilots whiskey neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

A hidden treasure in the heart of South Georgia

A short drive from Savannah, Georgia, Two Pilots Distillery, located in the quaint town of Claxton, Georgia, distills some of the smoothest corn and rye whiskey available on the market. Veteran owners Chris Strickland and Curt McDonald committed a large part of their lives to perform military service, training, and missions. Today, they are using their dedication to crafting spirits with exceptional quality.



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