About Us

Lee Cummings


Lee is a retired military and corporate pilot, avid sailor, scuba diver and entrepreneur from Savannah Georgia. When Lee's not flying float planes for fun or sailing catamarans in the Caribbean, he enjoys making whiskey. Lee still works in aviation training pilots to fly Gulfstream corporate jets. The rest of his time, Lee handles sales, marketing and operations for Two Pilots Distillery in Claxton Georgia.

Chris Strickland


Chris is the Owner and Operator of StrickAir Incorporated. During the spraying season, Chris can be seen flying his AT-402 turboprop crop duster around the Evans County area. Chris also operates a poultry farm. However, his true passion is making whiskey which he does at the Two Pilots Distillery. The distillery was constructed by completely remodeling an old family tobacco barn that had been in the Strickland family for years.